Our Alumni

Gone but not forgotten

The future success of any organization can be dependent on how they treat their past members.  We have recently established our Alumni Club with the intent on bringing back our past wrestler's and their families and getting them back involved into the sport that the used to have the same passion for that we all currently have.  We want to keep our Alumni members informed of all of our events, both home matches and away matches.  We will offer them team merchandise at a discounted price and extend them invitations to all of the team events to include the new GOTO program.  

The Alumni Experience

Our Alumni are veterans that have been there and done that.  They know and understand all of the challenges that our current wrestler's are facing to include the hard and intense work outs, balancing school, work and home and social issues, and fund raising.  Our alumni can be great mentors and a excellent pillars of the community that make it easy to lean on when times get tough.  We are, after all , one big wrestling family.

The Alumni Benefit

Our alumni once benefitted from the generosity of others.  Now, they have the opportunity to give back to the team that has given so much to them.  They can give in a variety of ways, either with financial means or their time and support, the team truly appreciates their generosity.