Rise and Shine: Welcome to the Grind

In wrestling, you will be challenged, not only by other opponents, but by your inner conscience.  Only YOU can overcome that voice that tells you your body is to tired to continue, you need to DIG DEEPER!

Rise and Shine

Do you have what it takes to be a champion? Will you be able to find your GREATNESS?


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No Excuses

If you want it, GO GET IT!

Running in the Rain Sucks

The best achieve greatness in spite of undesirable conditions! Ever run in the rain? Notice no one else in running...you run in the rain because you are not afraid of adversity, afraid of facing challenges.  Its easy to run on a nice sunny day, but run through a rain storm...and see the difference...the parallels in life are remarkable!

The Wrestling Spirit

Find your spirit and define your vision quest.

Its Not About You

What motivates you or inspires you to do what you do?  At a certain point you will hit something harder than you...what will motivate you to keep moving? Find your warrior spirit!

The Death Crawl

A great coach will find ways to inspire his kids.  He will push them to achieve more, go farther, and dig deeper than they thought they could go. A coach will never give up on their kids even when they have given up on themselves.