You fight like a girl!

Wrestling is the FASTEST growing female sport in the USA


According to the National Wrestling Coaches Association, wrestling is the fastest growing sport  for girls and women at the high school and college level in the country.  Since 2000 females have entered the sport and have been trail blazers in wrestling and other contact sports like ju jitsu, judo and mixed matial arts.  

Olympic Champions in Wrestling


For the first time ever in U.S. Olympic history, the United States has an all female wrestling team and has produced two gold medal Olympic Champions in Helen Maroulis and Adeline Gray.

UFC Champions


The world of mixed martial arts has taken the world by storm.  The U.S. was no exception.  Americans have looked for a sport that combined the hard hitting of football, the reality of wreslting and the conditioning of boxing and crossfit all combined into one sport. Enter MMA.  MMA was once an all male dominated sport.  Then the UFC allowed females to compete and we saw the rise of female stars like Rhonda Rousey and Meisha Tate.  Like wrestling, MMA has validated that girl can be just as tough as boys.  It has given a new meaning to the phrase "you fight like a girl".  With girls like Rhonda Rousey, many of the boys had better be careful not to mess with or bully these tough as nails girls, or they will have another thing coming!

Cookies Story


Click on the picture above to hear her story.  She is 8 years old. Find out why she wrestles.  You can too!

The discipline to develop leaders


Wrestling develops those skills that make champions that children will take with them for the rest of their lives.  The skills they learn and develop on the mat evolve as they mature and turn into polished problem solving skills in the academic and business environment.  Wrestlers excel at whatever they put their minds to.  Females, in particular, are now becoming Generals, CEO's, senior executives and world leaders.  Many of those skills are learned at early ages right here on the wrestling mats!

The Florida State Tournament


Females will wrestle their male peers throughout the regular reason at their respective weight class.  However, at the conclusion of the regular season, the females will enter into their own state tournament, separate from the boys.  The female state tournament is a little bit different because the female tournament starts at the Championship round.  The boys have the district and regional rounds prior to the Championship rounds.  However, as the sport grows, the females can expect the tournament to get more and more competitive as it continues to grow each year and before long it will be as large at the boys tournament.  But make NO MISTAKE these girls are as tough as they come!