End of Season Banquet at Dave n Busters

Guest Speaker - 1SEO.com CEO - Lance Bachmann


The team was fortunate to have business executive, owner and CEO of 1SEO.com, Lance Bachmann fly down from Philadelphia to speak to our athletes.  

Mr. Bachmann attributes much of his success in business to the lessons he learned on the wrestling mat: Being humble, disciplined, having mental toughness, being physically tough, able to defend yourself, knowing the machine beats the animal-be the machine, have confidence, develop a strong work ethic, champions find a way to win and follow your dreams! 

At the conclusion of our banquet, Mr. Bachmann and his sister, Jolin the COO of 1SEO.com had pledged to donated $2,500 to the 2019-2020 wrestling program.  THANK YOU very much Lance and Jolin for coming and sharing this special day with us, for your generosity, and for all you do for youth athlete programs!

Dave and Busters - Tampa


We had a full house at Dave and Busters in Tampa.  There was a GREAT buffet for the kids and plenty of appetizers for everyone else.  We had nearly 80 parents, athletes and children in attendance in two rooms.  A big thank you to Sandra Sanchez and Kristle Menozi that decorated the room for the kids.  The banquet was a huge success and a lot of fun!



For the first time in the schools history, the wrestling team captured and recorded wrestling statistics.  In doing so, the team was able to identify which wrestlers rose to the top of the record charts.  We identified the major categories to include pins, escapes, reversals, and wins.  We also identified all of the Wrestlers of the Tournament's and Duals as well as the "Hard Knocks" Award.  We identified the athlete with the highest GPA, manager of the year, Freshman of the Year, Most Improved Wrestler, The Sportsman Award, and the Most Valuable Wrestler. And finally we issued the MVP, MOST VALUABLE PILLOWMAN.  It was a great time for everyone and we are already looking forward to next years banquet. 

The Cake


It was pretty hard to miss, but thank you to the Sanchez Family for all of the delicious desserts and cakes.  Look at this AWESOME cake that we got to enjoy.  It was a great cake and great time with great friends.  We say it all the time, the wrestling team is more than just a team, but its a FAMILY.   

The Family Pic


Here is the team pic at the end of the banquet.  We have several members missing, including our coaches, but hey, we got as many in as we could!  Great time with a great group of kids!

The Official Team Photo


The 2018-2019 Wiregrass Ranch Wrestling team.  Top Row (L to R) Coach Ketler, Chaz Diaz, Gabe Marshall, Mark Kieper(C), Andrew Martin, Cade Menozi, Issam Hamad, Coach Tony Menozi.  Middle Row (L to R): Micaiah Keim, Nico Olivia, Alex Mutamba, Renso Fernandez, Yousef Hamad, Ben Clark(JVc), Brett Chellew(JVc), Dylan Vomacka. Bottom Row (L to R): Alex Alvarez (C), Niko Caropreso (C), Siraj Alwaheg, Maryam Khalil, Kat Flaming (Girls c), Leo Lopez, Roman Sanchez, Donavan Eury

King of the Chapel 2019

Coach K talking about the King of the Chapel event on 9 Feb 2019 at Wiregrass Ranch H.S. 7pm between Wesley Chapel High, Cypress Creek and Wiregrass Ranch wrestling teams

King of the Chapel 2019

Andrew "Big Country" Martin tells the Wesley Chapel and Cypress Creek wrestler's that if they want that trophy, they have to come take it from him!!!!!

Basketball Coaches

Even the basket ball coaches KNOW... time for the wrestlers to do their job!

King of the Chapel

Football Coach

We already beat Chapel, the little kitty cat, time for the wrestlers to do it too


College Wrestling for Women

Wrestling After High School


Jan 23 2019By: NWCA AdminIn: NWCA News

Louisville, KY – Over a grueling two-day period (Jan. 4-5), 84 teams descended upon Freedom and Exhibition Halls on the grounds of the Kentucky Expo Center to compete in the 2019 Multi-Divisional National Duals presented by The United States Marine Corps and Defense Soap.  These 84 teams competed in five divisions, NCAA DII, NCAA DIII, NAIA, NJCAA, & WOMEN’s.

The Women’s Division at the National Duals began in 2005 and is comprised of NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA institutions. This season, the NAIA will be holding their first national invitational tournament that will take place in Jamestown, ND.  To recognize the NAIA and their commitment to the development of women’s wrestling the NWCA gave the Highest Finishing Women’s NAIA Award for the very first time.  Wayland Baptist won this inaugural award while finishing in 3rd Place overall behind NCAA DII schools, McKendree (1st) and King (2nd).

“The tremendous growth of women’s wrestling at the high school and collegiate levels is truly amazing.  We are excited to help promote the continued expansion of women’s wrestling and hope that this new NAIA Women’s Award will help this process. I would like to congratulate the Wayland Baptist women on this award along with their coach Aaron Meister.”  Said NWCA Executive Director, Mike Moyer.  He went on to say “We are excited to continue to grow the National Duals in conjunction with NUWAY Wrestling and believe that our new location in Louisville will help this process.”


  • NAIA – Grand View (IA)
  • NCAA D2 – St. Cloud St. (MN)
  • NCAA D3 – Augsburg (MN)
  • NJCAA – Northwest Tech. (KS)
  • WOMEN’S– McKendree (IL)
  • *NAIA WOMEN – Wayland Baptist (TX)
    *First year of the award

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Wiregrass has its first female wrestler's this year on its 2018-2019 team.  The team sent their females to the St. Could Lady Bulldogs wrestling tournament.  Representing the Wiregrass Team were female Captain Catherine "Kat" Fleming (Freshman), Gabriella Cruz (Junior), Maryam Khalil (Freshman), and Mary Lutz. 

Female wrestler's not in attendance were Madison Harris (Freshman -injured) and Arianna McKendree (Freshman-Varsity). 

All of the Wiregrass girls wrestled tough!  Most notably was Maryam Khalil that went undefeated for the day.  GREAT JOB LADIES!   

Learn More

Any girls interested in becoming a part of the Wiregrass wresting team should see Coach Ketler at practice Mon-Fri between 2:15 pm and 4:45 pm at the wrestling room or can email him at WiregrassWrestling@gmail.com


Bill Combs IBT JV Tournament


The Wiregrass Ranch JV team went to Sun Lake High School and wrestled in the Sun Lake JV Tournament.  

We had some tough competition with our JV team, some hard earned battles and some tough losses.  Overall, it was a great experience.  

Donavan Eury had one of the best matches of the night when he fought hard and came back to pin his guy while other wrestlers such as Ben Clark and Andrew Martin both made their way through the blood rounds and made it to the consolation finals.  

Big Country, Andrew Martin, pinned his way through the most of the JV tournament with only one loss, losing only to the tournament champion.  

One of the best matches of the night.  Two great competitors!

Timber Creek JV Tournament

Diaz Goes Undefeated

The Wiregrass Ranch JV wrestling team traveled to East Orlando, to Timber Creek High School and wrestled in the round robin JV tournament.  

All wrestlers got several matches with some of the toughest competition in the Orlando area.

Coming out of that tournament with notable wins were Chaz Diaz who went undefeated and Bret Chellew.  Both wrestler's had very tough matches but held on and either won their matches or ended it in a draw after over time.  

Although they didn't go undefeated, they also had some very tough matches.  Donavan Eury and Ben Clark had some of the most noteworthy matches of the evening.

Great job and way to represent the Wiregrass Wrestling team!



The Meat Grinder

The Kiwani's tournament is arguably one of two of the toughest tournaments Wiregrass will enter this year.  These types of tournaments we call the meat grinder because the competition is SO TOUGH everyone in it just gets beat up.  

This tournament had 40 teams entered in it.  Of the 40 teams entered, five teams were ranked in the top 5 in the state, another 6 were ranked in the top 10 in the region.  These teams were tough.  

Most tournaments only place the top 3 place winners, however, because this tournament is so tough, the tournament organizer recognized the top 6 place winners with medals and ribbons. 

Place Winners

120lbs Nico Caropreso placed 5th

170lbs Mark Kieper placed 5th

132lbs Samer Khatib placed in top 8

160lbs Brett Chellew placed in top 8

182lbs Dylan Vomacka placed in top 8


Mustang Duals

Wiregrass Takes 1st Place

The Wiregrass Ranch Wrestling team had a strong showing at the 8th Annual Mustang Duals.  The Mustang Duals is a round robin formatted dual tournament type event with four Pasco County teams: Anclote, Hudson, Mitchell and Wiregrass Ranch.  

Wiregrass went undefeated in all three matches and even posted three of the top fasted pins in the event with falls at :21, :22 , :27 and 1:00 marks.  

This is the first time the team has placed first all season, but surely will not be the last.  With the first half of the season out of the way and the toughest teams now out of the way, the remaining part of the season should show the team that their hard work will pay off.  

Even Coach Tony got on the mat and gave one of the other coaches a little lesson on how Wiregrass handles their business! Mess with the best, get beat like the rest!

Good job to all of the members for their hard work.  GET SOME! Coach K

Join the Team

Have an interest in wrestling? Join the team!  Is not too late.  If you weigh between 80lbs and 300lbs you can compete on the high school wrestling team.  Contact Coach Ketler and get more information.  Come on out and have some fun!

King of the Chapel 2019

Renso speaking Spanish letting EVERYONE KNOW they will have to go through him to get that trophy!